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Energy made visible.

MyHEAT is another way to help you use less so you can save more on your electricity and natural gas bill.


We are proud to support MyHEAT, an innovative Alberta-made company. MyHEAT lets you see where heat is escaping from your house so you can see where home improvements will make the biggest impact on your energy consumption. An energy efficient home means more savings for you and your family.

MyHEAT is currently available for the residents of Airdrie, Calgary, Edmonton, Okotoks and Sherwood Park. In the coming months, MyHEAT aims to include additional Alberta communities, with a planned roll out across major urban Canadian cities over the next year.
Understanding your HEAT Score
Your HEAT Score is meant as an interesting comparative tool, and should be used in conjunction with your HEAT Map to identify potential heat loss areas in your house. It is not an energy efficiency rating.

Discover MyHEAT

Save more on your monthly electricity and natural gas bill
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How it works:
1.  Discover HEAT Maps - View areas of your home that are losing the most heat in red, and the least in blue.
2.  Check HEAT Scores - Your score indicates low, moderate, and high building heat loss. The lower the score, the better.
3.  Improve Efficiency – MyHEAT will help direct you to service providers who can help you start saving energy and reduce your electricity and natural gas costs.

Enter your address into the MyHEAT tool above and discover your HEAT score.

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