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We're ATCOenergy.

We're a new kind of energy company. We want to do more than just sell energy. We want to create positive energy. See how we're making a difference for Albertans at work and at play. 

Our Value Proposition

Energy plans designed for Albertans, by Albertans

We uncovered what is important to customers, and responded by developing energy plans that include a host of customer-friendly features.

Our Products

We have Electricity and Natural Gas products with Guaranteed and Variable prices. 

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Various Term Lengths

To meet your needs, we offer plans that span 1, 3, or 5 years.

Bundle and Save

By combining electricity and natural gas in an Energy Value Bundle, you’ll save 50% off Administration Fees.


We reward customers with a Sign-up Incentive and annual Anniversary Credits. 

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Multiple Payment Options

Choose from various payment options, including Credit Card.

Green Energy

You can choose to have 25% or 100% of your electricity usage come from renewable sources.  

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Change Your Plan

You can choose a new plan at any time, without penalty.

Move Your Plan

Moving is easy… if you move, your plan may be able to move with you.

Cancel Without Penalty

If, for any reason, you decide that you want to leave… you can.

Your Rewards

Not only do we offer great rates, we give great rewards.

When you choose ATCOenergy, you are choosing something positive. Not only are you choosing an energy retailer that offers low-cost electricity and natural gas for your business, but one that also rewards you for being a valued customer. $100 sign up bonus

Up to $100 Sign-up

As a new customer, we welcome you with a one-time Sign-up Incentive. When your first bill arrives, you’ll see a credit worth up to $100 (depending on the type of plan and the term you choose) applied to your account. $25 anniversary credit

$25 Anniversary

Receive a $25 credit on your bill (every year, on your enrollment date) for each electricity and/or natural gas site you sign-up. Those who sign-up for both electricity and natural gas (an Energy Value Bundle) will receive a $50 credit every year. It's our way of saying thank you for doing business with us. And, it's one of the easiest ways you can save on your energy bills. Low Administration Fees

Low Administration

We have low administration fees. In fact, when you combine your electricity and natural gas in a Positive Energy Bundle, you'll save 50% off your monthly Administration Fees. Thats not all

That's not all

These rewards are on top of an agreement that can move when you move, no cancellation fees, and easy sign-up. Just a few more ways we are spreading positive energy.
Who Are We?

We Are ATCOenergy.

Positive Energy to Alberta

We bring positive energy to Alberta.

ATCOenergy is a new kind of electricity and natural gas company from a trusted name in Alberta. We're here to provide clarity about how you use energy and pay for it, to give you great rates, and to provide customer service that focuses on you, the customer. It's a philosophy that we like to call positive energy, and they're words we live by every day. We're changing the way you buy energy

We're changing the way you buy energy.

Positive energy means we won't be bothering people with aggressive sales tactics or misleading offers. We make it easy to sign-up for Alberta's low-priced energy plans. Whether you sign-up over the phone or online, we have invested in several innovative features to ensure your sign-up goes smoothly. Reward your business

We reward you for your business.

Positive energy means we're going to reward you for choosing ATCOenergy with an introductory sign-up incentive. Then we'll show our appreciation for your loyalty by thanking you every year on your enrollment anniversary. Community

We're part of your community.

We're proudly Albertan and we deliver our services with the utmost integrity, transparency, and accountability across the province. That's how we're earning your business. We'll educate Albertans to let them know they have a choice about who they buy their electricity and natural gas from. We'll commit to providing the best value for the money, which is exactly what you'd expect from ATCOenergy. Working hard every day

We're working hard every day.

At ATCOenergy, we believe every day is an opportunity to do something positive. So that's what we're doing, any way we can. Let us show you how we can bring positive energy to your business.

Need some positive energy for your business?

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